Download Apps which are not Available in your country


Rooting your Android device does give you access to these apps but that’s not a feasible method for everybody. Well, there’s a very simple way for this and not many people are aware of it. If you are one among the lot, here’s how you can install Android apps not available in your country:
So let’s start.

1: First you need to connect your network service with vpn (Virtual Private Network) to fake your ip location.Make sure to install a vpn app and select the location where the app you are downloading is available.

2: and we are downloading Spotify Music Streaming App which is not availible in Pakistan.

3: connect to vpn and then clear the data and cache of Google Play store and then force stop it.

4: Then Go to browser and search for the app which you want to download and tap on the playstore link.

It will redirect you to the playstore.
5: and at last you will be able to install that app by accepting the google play permissions.