Yoga Poses For Six Pack Abs

Yoga Poses For Fitness


Yoga aims at the body wellness by self-healing. It is a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual practices. There are more than 100 yoga types, which concentrate on breathing, stretching the various body muscles, meditation, etc. There are many benefits of yoga from keeping you healthy to effective weight loss. Once you understand the different benefits of yoga, you will step on the yoga mat more often.

Do’s And Dont’s Of Performing Yoga:

  • Understand that there are different yoga styles. So, chose the yoga style for you wisely as per the need and requirement.
  • Find out a yoga class for you.
  • You need comfortable and breathable clothing for performing yoga.
  • A yoga mat is essential for performing yoga.
  • Never have a big meal before the yoga class.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated before and after the yoga class.
  • Don’t drink water during the yoga practice.
  • Yoga must be performed barefooted.
  • Never wear socks or any shoes during yoga practice.
  • Get comfortable with the beginners poses of yoga in the first classes.
  • Rigorous yoga poses can be incorporated in the schedule only after you get comfortable with the beginners poses.
  • The benefits of yoga are innumerable, but it is vital to keep in mind that nothing will happen overnight.
  • Ample dedication and time will help you make use of the best benefits of yoga for your health.

Benefits Of Yoga:

There are many benefits of yoga, as follows:

  • mproves the bone health
  • Makes the body flexible
  • Corrects the body posture
  • Increases the body stamina
  • Increase the muscle strength
  • Helps in toning the muscles
  • Facilitates the building of the abdominal muscles
  • Improves digestion
  • Lowers the blood pressure
  • Provides relief from constipation
  • Helps in decreasing anxiety
  • Improves respiration
  • Helps in maintaining the body metabolisms
  • Promotes weight reduction
  • Improves the cardio and circulatory health
  • Aids in reducing neck and back pain
  • Decreases sleeping problems

Getting Six Pack Abs- A Reality?

Developing a six pack abs is a time-consuming task. The most important way of developing six pack abs is by concentrating on the diet. Severe and strenuous training is needed for building up the six packs. The market is overflowing with products that claim to help in the quick building of the six pack abs.

However, it is paramount to keep in mind that the products available in the market for building the six packs will do more harm to the body than doing any good. Yoga for six pack is the safest and the best ways to get the perfect abs.

Different Yoga Poses For Six Pack Abs:

There are many poses in yoga, each one having its benefits. The various poses of yoga for six pack abs and toning the abdominal muscles are as follows:


Tadasana is commonly called as the “mountain pose.” It constitutes to be the beginning of most asanas. 

How To Do…

  • You must stand in the center of the yoga mat.
  • Get the feet close by, keeping the heels an inch apart.
  • Make your soles flat, and keep the hands by the sides.
  • The gaze must be fixed forward, and remain in the position for about 15minutes.
  • The mountain pose is the best six pack abs workout.

Dog Down Pose:

The dog down pose is called as the “adho mukha svanasana.” It is an excellent way to develop abs, strengthen the spine, and tone the legs through the asana. The best way to get a six pack is through the dog down pose.

How To Do…

  • Bend down on the knees, move ahead, keeping the hands under the shoulders.
  • The toes must be pointed inwards, while the hips raised.
  • Lift the heels from the floor and stay in the position till the hips start to stretch.

Warrior Pose:

The warrior pose is called as the “virabhadrasana.” The pose is beneficial for improving the overall strength of the body.

How To Do…

  • Bend the knee while you place the right foot in front of you.
  • You must turn the left foot in such a way that the right leg makes a 90-degree angle.
  • Raise the arms in such a way that they become parallel to the ground.
  • Stay in the position for about 1minute.

Plow Pose:

The plow pose is commonly called as “halasana.” The pose is practiced by many people to ease the problems related to the stomach such as indigestion, boosts the appetite of the individual, provides relief from constipation, etc. The plow pose is one of the best ways to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, shoulders, back, and the feet. You can build up six pack abs using the plow pose.

How To Do…

  • Lie down on the yoga mat.
  • Raise the legs just above the belly, then slowly bend the leg.
  • Keep moving the legs towards the head, until they fold over the head completely.
  • The toes should get placed by the shoulder.
  • Hold the position for about 20 seconds.

Child’s Pose:

The pose is called as “balasana.” The pose is very beneficial for strengthening the back. One of the best yoga poses for toning the abs is the child’s pose.

How To Do…

  • Go down on the knees while keeping the spine straight.
  • Lift the arms and proceed forward such that the chest touches the thighs.
  • Stretch forward till your forehead touches the floor.
  • Stay in the position for about 20 seconds as the best six pack abs workout.

Plank Pose:

The plank pose isn’t ideally a yoga pose. On account of the number of health benefits, the plank pose is often practiced in yoga. Performing the plank pose is the best way to get a six pack.

How To Do…You need to get in position as though you would for pushups.

  • The arms must remain under the shoulders, and the legs must be kept straight.
  • You should tighten the muscles of the abdomen.
  • Lift the legs and get on your toes.
  • Hold the position for about 1 minute.

The market is overflowing with products that claim to help in losing weight, building the six pack abs, increasing the body flexibility, etc. However, it is safest to stick with yoga for six pack abs. You can start practicing yoga with the beginner’s poses and slowly get into more rigorous poses. So make use of the several health benefits of yoga today!