1. You can eat all meals with your hands and still be extremely civilized
  2. You can stay in a joint family and still have a life of your own
  3. You can be a minimalist and yet live life fully
  4. Small cars can be fun if you have a big heart
  5. Even when the State has abdicated some parts of the system (primary education, health etc.), you can still find your way out
  6. You can get useful medical help without insurance, from normal doctors
  7. You can get antibiotics without prescriptions!
  8. You can manage mind-numbing diversity and stay a solid democratic nation
  9. Wearing turbans does not automatically make you a suspect
  10. Excessive scrutiny and security is not always the solution to terrorism
  11. You can have centuries of Islamic invasions and yet retain your original religion and culture intact
  12. You can actually be a melting pot of diverse strands of human thought
  13. You can master someone else’s language well enough to pose a real threat to their jobs (sorry!)
  14. You can create a civilisation of 1000+ urban centres without fossil fuel, iron and steel, computers or English, and with just your imagination and diligence
  15. You can worship a range of Gods and Goddesses and yet believe in the single, undivided, cosmic Supreme Godhead
  16. Even after fully financing the European industrial revolution for a century, and getting impoverished in the process, a nation can have a voice of its own
  17. You may not have the luxury of friendly oceans on both sides and friendly states on top and bottom, and yet remain in one piece through thick and thin
  18. You may not have the Blue Water Navy to threaten others by pushing into the surrounding Bays, but you can have the vision to become a nuclear weapon state to ward off such adventurists
  19. You may be poor, very poor, and yet refuse others the assumed-right to set up military bases on one’s soil
  20. And finally – washing your behind with water (not wiping with paper) is actually the best way to keep it clean, and is not unhygienic as long you wash your hands thoroughly each time.