India is incredibly safe: I have travelled extensively through India – the Western media portrays a false image of a wonderful, diverse country.

India is a wonderful place for female tourists. The matter of safety is subject to debates due to the different kinds of people living in and around India. Indians are friendly people and they are a very helpful bunch. (Exceptions are present in every case.) The list would be something that I depend on irrespective of which place I go on a holiday to and is not limited to India.

  • Book a place to stay which have some really good reviews. Some of the well known resorts or hotels would be a good bet if you’re new to India – I say this cause you could request them for a car to be sent from the hotel for your pickup. Which ensures the first step of safety, as big hotels wouldn’t want a bad name splashed across its name.
  • If you don’t have the luxury of a hotel pickup for whatever reason it maybe. Search the distance from the airport to your hotel. Based on the same – decide which would be the best mode of transportation for you. There are app based pickups from most airports (Uber included), there are buses which goes to every part of the city (though if your hotel is a long walk from the bus stop, its best to take a cab), there is also the availability of the rail service in some airports.
  • Map out your itinerary – most places in India can be reached on your own stead. Dependence on a guide (unless it’s hotel provided) is minimal, as the information is available online, this in turn reduces the chances of risky altercations for whatever reason.
  • Traveling alone at night, may be asking for trouble. It would be best if you have a couple of friends along and a trusted mode of transportation back to your place of stay.
  • Do not carry too many things in a sling back. Try a backpack which isn’t easier to snatch and run also which is more of an option considering it would be a day’s affair to romance the city and not an hour.
  • Don’t carry too much cash on hand. Carrying it for Flea markets or entry to a monument makes sense, but to other places carry a Visa or an Amex card to whichever place you go.

Yes, India is safe for female tourists by and large. However, like any country there are miscreants who give a bad name to their countries by their behavior.

India a beautiful nation which highly believes in ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’. Highly believes and devotes Goddesses.

If its about safety for women then I think even the developed nations aren’t safe, then expecting a developing nation is purely an illusion!

Men respect women here in India, but due to few miscreants you cant judge the whole group!

As a women/female solo traveller, safety measures must be taken in any country you travel.