Lord Krishna is not only one of most revered Gods in Hindu mythology, but he is also considered to be one of the biggest leaders of all times. He was a good orator, communicator and had a great knack of dealing with people.

Today, we bring you some aspects of his personality that are bound to help you in the corporate world — so whether you a manager or an employee, you should learn these tips…

1.Friendly approach

Even though Krishna had a huge task at his hand, that of making the Pandavas win against the Kauravas, never once did he lose his cool or act irresponsibly. And that is exactly how a leader should be: maintaining his calm under pressure.


Lord Krishna lent a ear to anyone who wanted to talk to him — whether it was Arjun who did not want a war or even the Kauravas — who just wanted victory — however, in the end he did what he felt was right — you too should be like this at the workplace. Follow your instinct.


A good manager must be accessible to all and employees should not be sceptical in talking to him. Similarly, Krishna too was open and accessible to anyone and everyone. He did not differentiate between people on the basis of caste and colour.


When Arjuna was in a dilemma about fighting against his own brothers, Krishna reminded him about his Dharma or duty. Similarly, even though there are times when you might not enjoy your work, but you still have to do it.

5. Strategy

For the Mahabharata war, Krishna planned ahead. He knew that the Kauravas would leave no stone un turned to win the war and so he made a point to note all their tactics and moves. In the corporate world too, one should always be prepared.


In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna tells Arjuna that one should remain detached from Maya, so that one can fight clean in all areas of your life. Similarly, at the workplace too, one should not get emotionally involved with anyone, lest his work suffers.


Krishna was unflinching in his support to the Pandavas — even though the Kauravas came to him for help, he knew his priorities lied with the Pandavas. At the workplace, if you take a stand for any person, make sure to help him all throughout.

8. The many faces

Krishna was polite and gentle and at the same time, he could turn into clever and shrewd, depending on the situation. At the workplace too, one should display their characteristics, depending on the situation.

 9. Inner voice

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says that one should always listen to their inner voice, which is that of a soul. No matter where you go in life or what you do, always listen to your instincts.


Krishna never wallows in self-pity. If something goes wrong, he makes sure to fix it before it gets too late. At the workplace too, one should avoid brooding over their mistakes. One should look at correcting them as soon as possible.

11.Long-term goals

Personally, Krishna had nothing to gain from the Mahabharata war, no matter who won. However, he knew that for the benefit of the society, it would be better if the Pandavas won. At the workplace, one should always look at long-term goals and not short-term victories.

12.Leading from back

A leader does not always have to bag the limelight and no one can prove this better than Krishna. He quietly did his work and made the Pandavas win, without once picking up a weapon. This is the mark of a true, great leader.

13. Commitment

Krishna always knew that the purpose of his life on earth was to kill his uncle, the evil Kansa. He did so while he was still a child. So, if you are committed to a cause, don’t delay in executing that. Do not let anything come in between you and your cause.

14. Share your learning

Everyone knows that Bhagavad Gita is simply a conversation between Arjuna and Krishna. Krishna passed on all his learning to Arjuna which motivated him to fight for justice. Similarly, a good leader never keeps his knowledge to himself. He passes it on.


Krishna could have made the Mahabharata war finish in a couple of hours due to his powers, yet he made the Pandavas win the war based on hard-work and sacrifice. And this is what any good manager will do — make you toil so that you can succeed eventually.


Kansa was Krishna’s maternal uncle, yet Krishna did not think twice before killing him since he was evil. Similarly, even at the workplace, you cannot let your friendship or relationship with someone affect your work.


It is said that when Krishna talked, everyone would listen to him in rapt attention — and a good manager should be just like that. He should have his way with words, so that people should both listen to him and take his advice.