1. Indian men holding hands and they are not a couple. They are just very close friends. There’s nothing sexual in the friendship and it’s perfectly fine and socially acceptable.
  2. Vegetarian food can be found anywhere in India. Every restaurant has a vegetarian choice. It’s a vegetarian’s paradise.
  3. Civic-mindedness and outspokenness of the general public. There’s a rather high tendency to speak out against something in public without the need to ask for consent. There is relatively more civic-mindedness compared to other Asian societies.
  4. Upkeep of traditional attire. Indian traditional dresses, like the Sari/Saree/Shari, are being used by its people everyday, for thousands of years. It is not a costume.
  5. Relatively lower incidence of Animal Abuse in Asia. I have personally not seen or heard of any. Every single animal and living thing is revered and could be a God. The cows roam free without a worry of being roadkill.
  6. Local Indians are conditioned to have the strongest immune system. Most foreigners have been warned of the Delhi belly. Those who dare drink water that hadn’t been boiled have had the runs. The epidemic of SARS didn’t really make it to India probably because there are already thousands of other bacteria and viruses that would have killed that host/bacteria/virus first.
  7. Lots of drama everywhere. It’s no wonder that Bollywood thrives. India redefines what it means to people-watch. You can watch others going through some form of drama in their lives anywhere and everywhere. Simple actions and antics such as the uncle slapping and holding his head in distress, or in the quick wave of a hand solves a problem – this and all others are really interesting to watch. Oh, and you will be watched too.
  8. Variety. There are officially 23 constitutional languages (including English); 13 scripts; 720 dialects, and then there are hundreds of non constitutional languages and thousands of undocumented variations for dialects. As varied as languages are the customs and traditions from town to town. Between populated areas, there’s always something new to discover.

Incred!ble India 🙂